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Wireline Open Hole Logging Tools

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To understand PICO Technologies (PT) Potential since 2008, you will need to go through PICO’s history and how PICO started with Marvin Gerhard in the logging Services as partners since 1986 in Egypt where PICO Energy was the First Egyptian Company in the region to own and operate logging equipment with Gerhard, then followed with Other Majors.

Whether you are searching for oil and gas or need to evaluate, complete, or monitor your well, PICO Technologies offers a broad range of solutions to meet your needs. Accurate, cost efficient, high-quality information is provided to our customers by combining experienced people, advanced technology, and technical expertise. PICO Technologies offers these solutions through a complete line of open hole tools. PICO Technologies wire line logging is approximately twice as fast and provides higher resolution. It is more cost effective to run because it requires significantly less rig time. Higher logging speeds, reduced set-up and calibration time, and faster turnaround on well-site processing all contribute to increased efficiency. The PICO Technologies system provides faster, more accurate real time data acquisition while maintaining comparable physical dimensions as those of the majors’. The use of integrated sensors, and other innovative technologies upgrade and expand traditional resistivity and porosity measurements to include high-resolution measurements, plus tool movement measurements for speed correction and depth matching.

Overview of Wireline Open Hole Logging

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This document is designed to give a broad overview of the logging tools, and their applications. Contact our PICO Technologies office for information on avaliable tools, lead-time, prices, terms, and conditions, and Other technology and tools under development.