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PICO is a Leading Group of Companies Operating in Diverse Sectors.

PICO Group is a collection of fully independent, highly technical and specialized companies, each with its own requirements, management team, financial structure, growth path and focus for value creation. The Group aims to expand regionally by applying the experience gained through its successful platform in Egypt, with a focus on its four primary sectors of Agriculture, Consumer Foods, Energy and Real Estate.




PICO Energy Group

Focused on integration, innovation and customer service, PICO Energy Group is a leading petroleum services provider in the Egyptian market. Its portfolio of services includes: Petroleum Services, Petroleum Integrated Services, Technologies, Energy Solutions, Logistics Services, Marine Services, Research & Analysis. To learn more about PICO Energy Group, visit,

Cheiron Holdings Ltd.

Cheiron Holdings Ltd. is a specialist E&P company focused on mature field development (with upside) in Egypt and Mexico. The company is actively screening for additional opportunities in mature markets where its core technical skills are in demand, visit

PICO International Petroleum

PIP is an independent exploration and production company. The company focuses on revitalizing and optimizing production at small and medium-sized mature fields, where its interests span the range of oil and gas upstream activity — from near field exploration to full field development planning and operations. To learn more about PICO International Petroleum, visit

PICO Engineering Group

PICO Engineering Group is a leading player in the trading of machinery and heavy equipment via three independent engineering companies, one each in the Industrial, Contracting and Engineering sectors. To learn more about PICO Engineering Group, visit:

PICO Real Estate

With a land bank of more than 20 million square meters, PICO Real Estate is a thriving real estate developer with one of the largest real estate portfolios in the Greater Cairo Area.

PICO Investments

Targeting a diverse selection of key economic sectors, PICO Investments is a private equity investment firm that targets key sectors of the Egyptian economy, including Financial Services, Banking, Listed Securities, Tourism, Agriculture & Consumer Foods, and Real Estate.

La Poire

The largest pastry producer in Egypt, La Poire has two distinct lines of business: production and distribution. The company has complete control of its supply chain, from the factory through its distribution network to the end consumer.

MACO Modern Agriculture

A leading agricultural company in Egypt, MACO is fully vertically-integrated, completing the agricultural value chain from propagation to cultivation to export. To learn more about Modern Agriculture Company MACO,


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