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PICO Technologies (PT) is a member of PICO Energy Group. PT has established Gas Compression business in the united states to serve high profile E&P clients across the globe in the Middle East; Latin America market. PT has the equipment, technology that meets the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards as well as the experienced personal; thus allowing the company to provide a high quality service in a safe environment with the most competitive price and delivery time to gain a remarkable U.S. market share.  

PT provides our clients with our packaging process that allows the customer to be fully involved and catered from the proposal till the commisioning process. As the single-contact source,  PT works as the focal point with the engineering team, manufacturer, and service provider through the entire life of the compressor. 

Custom and innovative packaging designs delivering the best overall performance and the best delivery time separates PT from the competition.

Such Sucess is divided into the following steps..

  • Gathering the well Parameters and gas analysis of the proposed opportunity.
  • After several meetings with the client and the engineering team, we design an acceptable technical proposal
    • PT offers an extensive line of equipment selections through our strong relationship with OEM suppliers.
    • High-quality material options to improve reliability are available.
    • Comprehensive and highly detailed proposals following our customer’s specific and needs are delivered on-time for review.
    • Final product gathering all the new technology offered in the package.
  • Locate and Order the compressor BOM to fullfil the specifications needed including all accessories and special parts (Valves, Airfilter intake, Automation system, gas detection system, fuel scrubbers).
  • Start packaging the Compressor, sub-system controls drivers and other components by PT or our partners and OEM certified personnel in the USA.
  • Machining and fabrication of special parts required at our preferred shop in the USto complete the approved design
  • Test the Control panel for automated system
  • Assemble the instrumentation to be able to crank up the package
  • Welding process starts to fabricate the pipework between the stages of the compressor
  • Assemble and test the Cooler section
  • Every compressor undergoes a four-hour API 618 mechanical run test.
  • Painting Process for all parts.
  • A “level map” is produced during packaging to be replicated at the installation site.
  • Interactive pre-commissioning meetings are held with the customer to ensure all critical steps and procedures are established.
  • Compressor startup and Commissioning phase.
    • During commissioning Process, all details are examined to include:
      • Adjustments to the system sensors and instruments
      • Ensure Proper operation of the compressor 
      • A close evaluation of vibration dynamics
      • Training of site-operating personnel



  • Engine Power side.
  • Coupling
  • Compressor Side
  • Crankshaft
  • Lubrication system
  • Pumps.
  • Ignition system
  • Control panel
  • Air filter intake
  • Muffler (silencers with Catalytic Converters)
  • Coolers.
  • Interconnections between stages.
  • Scrubbers.
  • Instrumentations.
  • Turbo System.


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