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 PICO IV Lift Boat

PICO Technologies's Team Coordinated buidling PICO IV Lift Boat with Other subsidaries of PICO Energy Group and other Major manufacturers, Ship yards and suppliers in USA.

Thus Opened opportunitie for PICO Mexico and PICO Marine; the first subsidiary of an Egyptian company PICO Energy to perform services for Pemex in the Gulf of Mexico using PICO IV. 

    Class: American Bureau of Shipping Certified for being inspected and overviewed during manufacturing and commissioning
  • Leg length: 280 ft (highest class in the world)
  • Cranes capacity: 400 MTons (capable of lifting complete platforms)
  • Free deck space: 11,000 sqft
  • Jacking up/down total time: 45 mins (4-6 hours for Jack up rigs)
  • Elevated-conditions wind speed: 100 knots
  • Operational wind speed: 70 knots
  • Operational swell: 15 ft
  • Accommodation: 50 men on board
  • The only DP (Dynamically Positioned) Lift Boat in the world enabling the lift boat to approach platforms without interrupting operations
  • The only SNAME (Weather resistant) compliant
  • The only Sonar equipped for sea bed imaging during legs jacking up
  • Unmanned work over rig which elevates the safe working conditions to more than 35 knots
  • Eliminates the need for tug boats for travel/positioning
  • The 45 min jacking speed eliminates the need for a long suitable weather window for jacking up which reduces the waiting on weather total time by more than 50%
  • Fully equipped with cranes, pumps, tanks, logging unit, slick line, testing, snubbing unit/work over rig, coil tubing & stimulation equipment which eliminates the waiting on supply/contractors
  • In addition to being suitable for large platforms, it is also equipped with an additional cantilever skid out deck which eliminates any weight loading on monopod/aging platforms



Rig for Sale


    • Surplus Finder UltraSingle 125T Rack & Pinion Rig. Skid mounted.
    • Owner: PICO Energy Integrated Services
    • Builder: TTS Sense Canada LTD.
    • Date of Manufacture DOM: 2009
    • Base Rig Package:
      • 125T Mast Skid Base c/w Mast Tower Support System;
      • 125T Mast, Mast: 25 m;
      • Hydraulic Rack and Pinion Hoisting System;
      • Sense EDM Work Over Rig Control System complete with (1) Operators Console;
      • Hydraulic Traveling Rotary Table complete with (2) 11" Hydraulic Power Slips;
      • (2) Utility Winches;
      • (1) Boom Line Winch;
      • (1) 3" 5000psi Stand Pipe;
      • (1) Diesel Driven HPU to supply the rig, and the client supplied coiled tubing system;
      • (1) 11" Hydraulic Power Slip to be mounted to client supplied Drill Floor;
      • 120 Gallon Accumulator System complete with drillers panel to be mounted in vilest supplied driller control room